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Save time and money - put the Original KWIK PIK to work on your farm or construction site!

Quick Maneuverability

A skid loader makes fast work of clearing rocks and debris from fields and construction sites, without the need to exit the cab.


Pile and or Dump

Unlike pull-type rock pickers, the KWIK PIK has the ability to pile rocks high or dump them directly into a truck or trailer, saving the need for an additional person and loader. This saves farmers or construction workers time and money.

Not Just Rocks

The KWIK PIK works great for gathering chunks of concrete, asphalt and branches. The bucket floor allows loose dirt to fall through while keeping the load in the bucket minimized.

It can be used to move all sorts of objects due to the rotating reel's ability to grab and hold onto objects - unlike many other rock picker designs.


Level the Ground

When the reel is raised, the bucket can be used to back drag and level the surface for planting crops, seeding grass or just to put a nice finish on the job.

The uses are endless with the reversible reel!


If your farm or construction business is in need of a high-quality, time-tested, durable rock picking attachment that can aggressively dig out embedded rocks and easily pick up surface rocks, don't settle for anything less than the proven durability of the ORIGINAL KWIK PIK

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Call today to Order

Model 600     $8750

Model 720     $8950

Model 840     $9950

(Current price FOB
+ tax if applicable

Prices good through
March 10th, 2024)

KWIK PIK Operator's Manual

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